Cat Hotel

Our Cat Hotel is designed to have natural light and are located near the Reception and office area which ensures a steady flow of regular staff visitors for cuddles and play. While each guest enjoys their own individual Cat Condominium, the Cat Hotel Play Room is a generous space which provides your cat with the opportunity to free roam from time to time should they wish. Containing climbing towers, scratching posts, and toys the Play Room is the perfect place for a little exploring, playing or perhaps simply relaxing in a cat tower or a hidey hole! 

The Pets In The City Cat Hotel is air conditioned day and night to provide a stable temperature and a radio provides familiar homely sounds. Each guest is carefully monitored and has their own personal Health & Wellbeing Chart which is updated daily, documenting all their health details during their stay. Our priority is ensuring your furry feline friend is happy, healthy and having as much fun as they can away from you and their home.


Cats and kittens staying at Pets In The City Cat Hotel love our Cat Condominiums. They can relax in their own spacious, 2 level, 3 room condominium featuring a large living area with a comfy bed, a resting platform and lots of toys (of course you can bring your cat’s favourite bed if you prefer) an ensuite containing their litter tray and a separate dining area for food and water. Condominiums can also be expanded to provide a larger space so two, three or four cats from the same family can stay together in interconnecting rooms.

‘Housekeeping’ services the Cat Hotel several times a day to ensure that all pets are clean and dry. We have a choice of condominiums depending on your cat’s temperament and health. For example, if your cat is a little nervous we will endeavor to book them in to a condominium where they have a good vantage point but are away from the hub of comings and goings. Or, if your cat is elderly or a little frail, we will ensure they have a lower level condominium for easy access.  Chat with our helpful Reception staff when making your booking and they will endevor to book the best condo to suit your cat's needs.

Special Care Cats

At Pets In The City Cat Hotel “special care” cats are our specialty! If your furry feline friend is on medication (including insulin) or requires extra special care and attention due to a health concern we can provide it. With experienced vet nurses on site at each Pets In The City you can feel reassured that your cat is in safe hands.

If your cat is recovering following an operation we can also provide a quiet, relaxing and contained space where they will be monitored throughout the entire day, allowing them to recuperate quickly and giving you peace of mind that they are safe, secure and being taken care of while you may be busy at work.