Dog Hotel

We provide a safe, fun environment for indoor group play during the day and all dogs enjoy their own stylish apartment for privacy, comfort and that much needed rest time at the end of the day. For their overnight stay we have a range of different apartment designs and sizes available to suit every dog and owner. All our apartments are purpose built and feature tempered glass doors (no bars or grills) to allow your dog to see what’s going on around them, comfy raised beds, and tasteful interior décor for your dogs utmost care and comfort.

We pride ourselves on not being a ‘dog kennel’ and in fact we are just the opposite. It is our goal to create an environment that is relaxing, clean, safe, a little ‘luxurious’ and the most fun, least stressful experience a dog could have while away from home. At Pets in the city your dog gets the attention and care they truly need. While we know you’re the very best caregiver for your dog, we like to be the best while you’re away – because we love dogs and we will care for yours like we care for our own.


When work or holidays take you away from your furry friend, Pets In The City are here to provide loving care for your pet while you’re away that is both convenient and affordable. So why not give your pet a holiday or play time with their furry friends and allow our team of trained, experienced and friendly Caregivers give your dog the very best care and attention whilst having the most fun possible and book them in for a stay at Pets In The City Pet Hotel. We offer four types of Apartments at Pets In The City. Depending on the branch, they may differ slightly in regards to interior décor and style, however no matter whichever apartment you chose for your furry friend you can be assured of their comfort and safety, that all dogs receive the same love and care from our staff.