Puppy Pre-school

At Pets In The City we love puppies!  We are also committed to ensuring your new ‘fur baby’ gets off to a great start. 

Puppies are learning all the time, from the moment you bring them home. Those first few weeks that you and your family spend with your new ‘fur baby’ will set the tone for the rest of the relationship. It’s easier to get your puppy in to good habits from the beginning rather than try to correct bad habits later on. Getting your new puppy out in to the world and socializing when they are young is one of the best things you can do for them.  At Pets In The City we offer options for your puppy, including Puppy Pre-school Day Care, Puppy-Preschool Classes and our In-house Puppy Socialisation Classes.

Which Class is right for your puppy?

Our Puppy Pre-school facilities have been designed to provide a safe, hygienic and controlled environment where you can drop your puppy for a day of doggie day care knowing that not only are they being taken care of and having fun, they are also starting to learn vital life skills and the ability to cope with the world.      

Puppy Preschool classes are where we work with you and your pup over a four week period.  Puppy pre-school classes have been developed to focus on a range of key skills that will help to prevent the development of behavioral problems while introducing your puppy to basic doggie manners including, good eating habits, manners at your dinner time, socialization, sitting, coming when called, toilet training and so much more. 

Once your fur baby has successfully completed Puppy Pre-School classes it’s time to move on to our In-house Puppy Socialisation classes which are part of the Pets In The City In-house Dog Training School.  Many of the behavioral problems observed in dogs (such as fear, avoidance and aggression) and are due to improper or incomplete puppy socialization.   This class has been developed to build on the skills your puppy has already learnt at Puppy Pre-school and to further develop their social skills with both dogs and people.  These classes are run over a period of time when your puppy is a guest at Pets In The City Pet Hotel.