Terms & Conditions

This Agreement represents the terms & Conditions covering all Services offered by Pets In The City and applies to all Pets in the City locations. This Agreement is entered into by and between the dog owner and the Pets in the City location your pet is attending. 

  1. PETS IN THE CITY - is operated as a Franchise System from various locations, and each of the locations is an independently owned business operating under a common Franchise System. By entering into this Agreement, you acknowledge that this agreement us entered into with the location your pet has been booked into and is attending. This location you use may vary from time to time, and the Agreement is with that location you use on each occasion. 
  2. YOU (OWNER) - represent that you are the legal Owner of the above-named dog(s) and you assume all risks, dangers, and responsibility for injuries to the named dog(s). Owner understands and agrees that Owner is solely responsible for any harm while Owner's dog(s) is/are using Pets in the City and its services offered.
  3. CUSTOMER and PET DETAILS - Pets in the City operate a single, central database of customer and pet details which is accessible and used by all locations in the Pets in the City network. As part of this Agreement, you agree that your and your pets details are accessible to and may be used by all locations and staff and employees across the Network for the purpose of providing services when dealing with Pets in the City.
  4. PHOTO and VIDEO RELEASE -  We love to post pictures and videos on Facebook, Instagram, our website, and/or in advertising material. Owner agrees to allow Pets in the City to use Owner's pet's name and any images or likeness of Owner's pet taken while they are using any Pets in the City location, for any service. Photos and Videos can be in any form, used at any time, in any media, marketing, advertising, illustration, trade or promotional materials without compensation, and Owner releases to Pets in the City all rights that Owner may possess or claim to such image, likeness, recording, etc.
  5. MEDICAL CONDITIONS - The Owner must advise Pets in the City of any medical conditions or temperament issues appertaining to their pet prior to entering the facility. The Owner authorises Pets in the City or the insurer full access to the pet's Veterinary/medical records if required.
  6. FLEA, TICK and WORM FREE - All pets must be treated for fleas, ticks and worms prior to visiting Pets in the City. If fleas, ticks or worms are present on the pet, Pets in the City reserve the right to treat the pet and charge for the service.
  7. VACCINATIONS - The Owner must provide documentation that all vaccinations are current according to Veterinarian requirements (including Lepto', Kennel Cough (12 month), and 5 in 1/DHPPI for Dogs, and annual standard feline vaccinations for Cats. However, it must be understood even though all guests at Pets in the City are vaccinated, this may not fully protect your pet. Your vet will advise further.
  8. VET CARE and LIABILITY - The Owner agrees that if the pet becomes ill or injured or displays any signs of behaviour that would reasonably suggests, in the opinion of Pets in the City, requires medical attention, Pets in the City is authorised to engage a Veterinarian (the Owners Vet will be engaged if possible) and administer medicine as directed by the same. Owner agrees to be fully responsible for the cost of any vet bills and for the cost of any transportation for the purposes of such treatment. All costs incurred are to be paid by the pet Owner upon check out. 
  9. GROUP PLAY - The Owner understands that Pets in the City operates a communal interactive group play environment and accepts the positive benefits and potential risks involved. All dogs must pass a general behaviour assessment, undertaken by Pets in the City in order to attend dog group play. No dog may be admitted to group play who shows any signs of any type of aggression. The owner fully understands and agrees that in admitting the Owner's dog(s) to group play, the Owner is representing to Pets in the City that Owner's dog(s) is/are in good health and have not harmed, shown aggression, or exhibited any threatening behaviour towards any person or other dogs. Any dog demonstrating aggression or other behaviour deemed unacceptable by Pets in the City staff may be required to leave the Centre.
  10. RELEASE OF LIABILITY - The Owner understands and agrees that during normal dog play, Owner's dog(s) may sustain injuries. Dog play is carefully monitored at all times by Pets in the City staff, but injuries may occur despite the supervision provided. The Owner fully understands and agrees that neither Pets in the City nor any of its employees, staff, or volunteers will be liable for any illness, injury, death, and/or escape of Owner's dog(s) provided that reasonable care and precautions are followed, and the Owner hereby releases Pets in the City staff or volunteers of any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from or as the result of the Owner's dog(s) attending Pets in the City.
  11. PERSONAL PROPERTY - The Owner understands that the Owner is solely responsible for any harm, including to any other pet(s), to employees or invitees of Pets in the City, or to the equipment, facilities, or other property of Pets in the City, caused by the Owner's dog(s). The Owner also agrees that Pets in the City shall not be responsible or liable for any lost of damaged personal property belonging either to the Owner or the Owner's pet.
  12. HOTEL - Check-in time is between 1pm - 5 pm and check-out is before 12 pm. Your pet's room is reserved for them from 2pm on the day of arrival until 11am on the morning of departure. You are more than welcome to check in outside of our standard check-in/out times, but please note that check-ins before 1pm and/or check-outs after 12pm will incur an additional fee. Refer to our Rates on our website for Early Check-In/Late Check-out fees. We are closed on some public holidays, refer to reception for details.
  13. MEDICATION and SPECIAL NEEDS - The Owner agrees that it is the Owners responsibility to provide adequate supply of medication and any other special items for the Owner's dog(s) for the entire duration the Owner's dog(s) are cared for by Pets in the City. Should the medication or special items need replacement, the Owner authorises Pets in the City to purchase replacements and will pay the costs plus $25 administration fee, per occurrence.
  14. CLUB CARDS -All Club Cards are subject to a 6-month expiry from the date of purchase and Introductory Offers are subject to a 3-month expiry from the date of purchase.
  15. AGREEMENT TERM - Once signed, this Agreement is valid for all subsequent visits to a Pets in the City location for any services requested. However, the terms and conditions of this contract are subject to change without notice. It is recommended the Owner update themselves on each visit or via our website.
  16. ACCOUNTS and PAYMENTS - All services are provided to the Owner based on a booking system with the location you choose. An Owner's account provides detail of all services booked and provided and the Owner agrees to pay all costs and charges for the services provided, either in advance or at the time of collecting their pet. The pet will not be released to the Owner until all costs have been paid.

16.1 Hotel Bookings - All Hotel booking's, with locations offering Hotel Services, need to be made in advance and may require the payment of a deposit. In the event of the pet being picked up before the due date of departure additional charges may apply to cover the cancelled period. Peak rates may apply during certain periods. Please ask or refer to Rates on our website for details. The booking is not confirmed until the appropriate deposit is paid.

16.2 Hotel Cancellations -  If cancellation of a booking is advised with at least 48 hours' notice prior to arrival the deposit will be held as credit for the next booking. If the booking is cancelled within 48 hours prior to arrival or if you fail to arrive for your booking your deposit will be forfeited. 

16.3 Daycare Cancellations - Daycare bookings must be cancelled no later than 7.00pm the day before. If the daycare booking is cancelled after this time the casual daycare rate will apply. Daycare no shows will be charged the casual daycare rate, or a day taken off the relevant concession card. 

16.4 Daycare Late Pick Up - All daycare dogs must be picked up by the standard closing time (7.00pm weekdays or 6.00pm weekends and public holidays). A late fee of $10 per 15 minutes (or part thereof) will apply to late pickups. Any dogs not picked up 30 minutes after standard closing time will be boarded overnight in our hotel at Owner's expense. Standard hotel rates will apply.

16.5 Grooming Appointment Cancellation - We require a minimum of 24 hours' notice for cancellation of your grooming appointment. A $30 cancellation fee will apply to appointments which are cancelled within 24 hours and no shows. 

16.6 Other Costs - The Owner agrees to pay all costs and charges for special services requested and Veterinary costs incurred for the pet during their stay. 

16.7 Payment - Accepted methods of payment are MasterCard, VISA, EFTPOS and Cash. Also bank transfers by prior arrangement.