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Protect your furry friend this Easter!

Protect your furry friend this Easter!

Easter is a wonderful time for families to come together, enjoy each other's company, and create lasting memories. As for me, I adore chocolate, especially chocolate eggs and bunnies! However, I know that two of my favorite things, dogs and chocolate, do not mix. Easter can be a dangerous time of year for our furry friends. Here are the top 4 things you should watch out for to ensure your pet's safety:

🐶 Chocolate: This sweet treat contains a chemical that can be poisonous to dogs and other animals. The darker the chocolate, the higher the concentration of the chemical, making it more toxic and dangerous for your dog. Please do not feed your dog chocolate, and keep all chocolate out of their reach. If you're having an Easter egg hunt, ensure your dog is on a leash and away from the chocolate. If you suspect your dog has eaten chocolate, contact your veterinarian immediately with information on how much and when it ate it.

🐶 Sultanas/Raisins: These dried fruits are toxic to dogs and are commonly found in hot cross buns. Poisoning effects may be delayed for a few days, so it's best to consult your veterinarian for advice. Watch out for the following signs of poisoning: vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, loss of appetite, or difficulty going to the bathroom.

🐶 Foil wrapping: The foil that makes chocolate Easter eggs look pretty can be dangerous if eaten. Foil can cause an obstruction in your dog's digestive tract, which may require surgical intervention if not passed naturally.

 🐶 Overwhelming groups of people: Due to the pandemic, many dogs may not have experienced large gatherings in our homes. Help your dog stay calm and enjoy your gathering by managing introductions with your visitors. Give your dog some space where it can get away from all the excitement, such as a crate, a kennel, or a room in the house where it won't be disturbed by your guests.

Finally, there are plenty of fun things you can do to enjoy Easter celebrations with your furry friend! One of my favourites is making dog-safe Easter egg treats with your family. You can easily create these yummy treats using silicone egg moulds, which can be found at Indulge Cake Supplies in Browns Bay (

Picture 1

 Easy Easter Dog Treat: 

1 cup peanut butter 
(Mutt Butter or Pics is best! Make sure it is “xylitol free” – as xylitol is extremely toxic for dogs) 

1 cup coconut oil 

Mix ingredients in a microwave-safe bowl; melt in the microwave for 60 seconds. 

Stir to ensure it is completely melted together. Then, pour the mixture into moulds. 

Refrigerate for 2 hours until hardened. Store in refrigerator. 

Serve in moderation! Too much of a good thing is not good for your dog, either. 

Another great idea is to buy an Easter-themed toy—Instead of food, how about getting your dog an Easter-themed toy like the JW Mega Egg and spending time playing with it instead? 

Looking for ways to provide enrichment for your dog? A great idea is to play Hide ‘n Seek. You can hide various dog-safe toys and treats around your home or backyard and let your dog seek them out. It's similar to an Easter egg hunt for humans but with dog-friendly items. Involve your kids by asking them to hide along with the toys and see how long it takes for your dog to find them!

But before you start the game, ensure you have removed all the chocolate Easter eggs from the hunt. Chocolate is toxic to dogs and can cause serious health problems.

Another fun activity is to take your dog for a walk to a new place. It's an excellent way to walk off all the chocolate and give your dog some exercise. Make sure you are prepared with a long lead, drinking water, and poo bags. You can try places like Long Bay Beach, Orewa Beach, Sanders Reserve, Wainoni Park, or a bush walk through Riverhead Forest. Your dog will enjoy exploring new places!

What other fun ideas to you have with your dog at Easter? We would love to hear them in the comments below 😀.

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There will be lots to learn as well as some FUN Easter themed activities - here are just a few:

  • Tunnels as rabbit holes
  • Easter egg hunt
  • Egg bobbing
  • Photo posing

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7.00pm - 8.30pm

Pets In The City Silverdale

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Protect your furry friend this Easter!

Protect your furry friend this Easter!

Easter is a wonderful time for families to come together, enjoy each other's company, and create lasting memories. As for me, I adore chocolate,...

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