Frequently Asked Questions


What are your vaccination (and health) requirements?

Your dog must have up to date vaccinations.   The vaccinations we require are:  DHPP (Distemper/Hetpatitis/Parainfluenza and Parovirus), Leptovirus and Kennel Cough (Bordatella).   Proof of vaccination is required upon check in so please ensure that you bring your dog’s Pet Passport with you on your first visit.
In addition, we require your dog to be undertaking regular flea and worm treatments.  If we find your dog to have fleas or worms we will treat these at the owner’s expense.

De-sexing of dogs

To ensure all our guests are able to enjoy a fun and social environment it is  Pets In The City policy that all dogs are spayed or neutered if over the age of 8 months.

Can I bring along my pets favourite toy or bedding?

Of course you can.  We know that your furry friends can get as attached to their snuggle rug or teddy so by all means bring along their homely comforts for their overnight stay. We do also supply our own clean bedding each day.

Can I check up on my dog during the day?

Yes.  You check your furry friend out on Facebook or you can ask us to email or call you during the day to update you on your dog or cats activities and experience. 

What happens if a dog becomes aggressive?

At Pets In The City our first priority is the safety of all our dogs, so we have designed a ‘time-out’ area so dogs can be removed from the play group instantly. Dogs can become nervous or aggressive for different reasons, and our staff attempt to address these issues and resolve problems as best we can. If any problems arise, we will openly discuss these with you and possibly suggest some additional training to help alleviate the problem.  If we feel that the dog is a threat to the safety of other guests or our staff, then it may be that the dog is not suitable for our social, day care environment and we may be required to be removed from Pets In The City.

Will my dogs toilet training at home change?

No. What we find that behaviour at Pets In The City will be conditioned to the Daycare/Hotel environment.  This means that the rules and requirements when at Pets In The City may be different to those at home, including where to toilet.

Do I need to book for Doggie Day Care?

Yes.  We prefer you to book your dog’s play days in advance.  

What happens if my dog becomes sick or injured?

While all care is taken to ensure dogs are safe and healthy during their stay with us, we are also well-prepared for unexpected accidents or illness.  Our staff are trained to administer pet first aid when required. If an incident occurs, we will contact you (or your contact person) and if necessary will take your dog or cat immediately to either our local (or your) veterinary practice.  

Can I see the facility before booking my dog in?

We encourage all dog-parents to visit us at Pets In The City before making any bookings to see our facility and ensure you are comfortable entrusting our staff with your beloved furry friend. Though we have images of our accomodation for you to view, access to our Cat Hotel and you can see our small dogs in their play area at reception, for Health and Safety reasons we cannot take visitors into the large park areas. 

Can I bring my own dog food?

At Pets In The City we feed an Orijen and Acana diet. However, you are most welcome to bring your pet’s own food (or treats) should you wish to.  Our Customer Care team we will always check your furry friend’s meal requirements on check in.   

Will my fur friend need to pass an “interview” before being accepted at Pets In The City?

We require you to complete a detailed Assessment Form which provides our Caregivers with basic background information regarding your dog, their health, history, behavioral traits and their likes and dislikes.  We then ask that you book a FREE 2 hour Assessment which is usually on your dog’s first Day Care day.  During this time one of our senior caregivers will work with your dog one on one and assess their behavior in the group environment by gradually introducing them to other like-minded dogs.  Through this process we can establish the most appropriate play group for your fur friend to ensure they have a fun and happy time at Pets In The City.   Please call to book your dog for an Assessment.

When can my puppy start coming to Puppy  Pre-school?

As soon as your puppy has had their booster shots they can start coming.  Usually around the age of 12 weeks.  

Can you give my dog their medicine?

Yes, we have experienced senior staff on site at all times and they are trained to medicate pets in our care.  This includes insulin injections.

My dog loves his walks…will he get enough exercise in the indoor facility?

What we find is that because the dogs are actively playing with their friends almost all day they get plenty of exercise – many get more than they do at home.  However we offer 30 minute Doggie Walks for a bit of outdoor fun in the park! 

What time is check out at the Hotel?

Check-out time is any time before 12pm.  If your dog is checked out after 12pm they will be charged a $20 reduced half day day-care fee. Check in time is between 1pm and 5pm.*

Any other questions? Contact our friendly and caring Customer Care team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.