Dog Training

At Pets In The City we offer a variety of Dog Training options to help make both yours and your pets life more fun and enjoyable.

We all enjoy spending quality time with a well behaved pet. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could sit peacefully at a café with your dog lying quietly at your feet? Perhaps you’d like to take your dog out with you for a peaceful walk by your side after a long stressful day at work? Or would you like to feel more confident that your dog will be well-behaved and respond to your commands when off-lead with you in the park and that they can happily socialize with other dogs and people? If any of these situations are problems for you and your dog then you can be assured that there is a solution at Pets In The City. Working together with our team of experienced, qualified Pets In The City Dog Trainers, you can learn how to you properly handle your dog and he or she can become the well-mannered companion you’ve always dreamt of. Our experienced Trainers have developed a range of Dog Training classes that can be tailored to suit the needs of you and your pet. Classes offered include: Puppy Pre-School, Puppy Classes (for you and your puppy), Dog Obedience and our Exclusive In-house Dog Training Schools. We can also tailor training programmes for the specific needs of your dog if required.

Inhouse Dog Training School

What if you could check your furry friend into Pets in the City Dog Hotel and return to discover that they had learnt new skills, have improved manners and had a whole lot of fun doing so? Well, now you can. At Pets In The City, we have developed our own exclusive In-House Dog Training classes, where dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes can be trained “in-house” by our professionally trained team of Dog Trainers while they are guests at Pets In The City. Amongst other things, your furry friend will learn to walk correctly while on their lead, to sit and/or drop on command, to stay and most importantly to always come whenever you call them. Our In-house training can be conducted over either a two or three week period depending on how long your dog is a guest at Pets In The City. Your pet’s package includes their apartment, all meals, training, play park exercise and fun, a pamper bath on departure and a training skills demonstration where your furry friend will be delighted to show you their newly acquired skills.

At Pets In The City our trainers support force free training in all instances.  We use positive reinforcement training techniques for all our training and choose to work with dogs in a positive manner that is thoughtful and caring. Talk to us today about our dog training classes and individual training and let us help you and your family enjoy a healthier, enjoyable and most importantly more fun relationship with your furry friend.